Hurricane Sandy

Written by David Cavey on Friday, 26 October 2012. Posted in Insurance Tips

Hurricane Sandy or “Frankenstorm” appears on it way toward the Baltimore County region ready to wreak havoc and ruin Halloween plans. Preparation is key. There are many helpful websites including


As far as taking precautions to avoid potential insurance losses here are a few common sense tips:

  • Move your cars are moved away from under trees, power lines or low lying areas.

  • Move any non secure items such as Grills and lawn furniture inside.

  • Make sure that windows and doors on all buildings are closed and secured.

  • Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear and drain out away from your house.


If something does happen most homeowners policies allow and encourage you to take measures to temporally repair or take precautions from allowing the damage to worsen. However never put your self in harms way. Contact your company directly as soon as you can. Most companies have 24 hour claims lines. If you do not have your companies direct reporting information and you are insured through one of North Central’s fine portfolio of companies our hurricane sandywebsite has links and claim reporting information.  If immediate restoration is needed we recommend Rainbow International (410)882-5019 or Servpro (410)229-0012. Please note that some water claims are not covered under homeowners insurance policies. Check you policy to see if you have “Back up of Sewers and Drains coverage”. Also any water damage that is considered Flood or surface water can only be covered if you have a National Flood insurance policy. You can contact our office to learn more about Flood insurance.


Stay safe and dry and see you on the other side of Sandy.

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David Cavey

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